Due to recent changes to TSA security screening procedures at Orlando International Airport (MCO) and nationwide, Disney’s Magical Express pick up times have increased. Magical Express buses will now depart from your Walt Disney World Resort hotel 4 hours before flight departure instead of 3.

With the new security procedures in place, The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is recommending travelers arrive at MCO 3 hours prior to departure. Under these news rules, travelers are now required to separate and place any electronics larger than a cell phone through the x-ray machine. Although separate, devices can stay in a single bin.

This extra hour will definitely make us rethink our final day plans. We’ll likely either go back to booking the 8:30pm flight, or take advantage of cheaper flight options down the road in Tampa.


How do you feel about the new Magical Express pick up schedule? Let us know in the comments below:





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