VIDEO: Should You Visit Walt Disney World During the COVID-19 Pandemic?


Wondering if it’s worth it to take a Walt Disney World vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic? The short answer is it depends…the long answer I discuss in detail in this video. I’ll also cover some tips and tricks to make the trip as enjoyable as possible if you do decide to take the plunge!

Between masks, social distancing, and other restrictions (limited restaurant menus, closed shows, etc.), you can still have a magical time at Disney World. But it may not be for you.

With years worth of Disney trips under my belt and multiple visits with our family during the pandemic, let me help you navigate these most interesting of times at the happiest place on earth.


While none of us can wait until things are back to normal, this is what we’ve got for now. So let’s make the best of it!

Check out the video. If you have any other questions about our family trips to Disney World during the Covid-19 pandemic, let me know in the comments below!







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