Welcome to our new regular feature, The Weekly 5! Each week we’ll provide a quick list of Disney World related topics, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. In our innaugural Weekly 5, we’re looking at 5 things to bring to the Disney World water parks for your toddler. Whether you’re headed to Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, or your favorite resort pool, don’t forget these 5 things!

1Swimming Vest / Life Jacket

While Disney does provide life vests for children, I would highly recommend bringing your own. My toddler has a SwimWays Star Wars Boys BB-8 Swim Vest and won’t wear anything else! At this point he’s used to it, and it’s much more comfortable than the rubberized foam life jackets provided by Disney. Our swim vest zips tight giving us peace of mind, and gets bonus points for being extremely light and easy to pack.


This is obviously a no brainer, but not all sunscreen is created equal. You’ll be lathering up your toddler all day, so definitely invest in a good, strong, waterproof sunscreen. We like Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen Spray, as it goes on easy and works well with sensitive skin types.

The only thing worse than being in Disney World with a sunburn, is being in Disney World with a sunburned toddler! Worst case scenario, if you do forget the sunscreen, you can obviously buy it from plenty of places at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Just don’t look at the price tag, you’ll be paying a lot more at the water parks! Try to remember!

3Insulated Sippy Cup

If you’re one of our followers, I’m sure you’ve seen us mention these before (A LOT!). I just can’t help myself, I love the Munchkin Miracle 360 Stainless Steel Insulated Sippy Cup!

It’s perfect for a long day at the water park with a toddler. You don’t have to worry about milk (or whatever drink your little one loves) spoiling. Plus, if dropped in the pool, they float! It comes in 4 different colors so there’s something for everyone! What more could you want?

4Swim Diapers

Even though my son is potty trained, I still put him in Pampers Splashers when at the Disney World water parks. Being at a water park is very different than being at a regular pool, and sometimes it can be hard to locate a bathroom when needed. Even the most well-potty-trained kids can get distracted by all the fun. Swim diapers can offer a little extra protection just in case your little one can’t hold it.

5Water Shoes

Water shoes are a must for visiting the water parks with little ones. Running back and forth to different water slides and attractions on hot cement is no fun for anyone!

Having the kids wear water shoes seems to make days at Disney World water parks easier. They eliminate the risk of slipping, lost shoes, and above all, walking on dirty bathroom floors!

If you have any other questions about visiting the Disney World water parks (Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon) with a toddler, let us know in the comments below or drop us a line.

Disclosure: This list is based purely on products we have personally purchased and our experience with them. We are not sponsored by nor receive direct compensation from any of the manufacturers listed above for suggesting their products. As an Amazon affiliate, we may receive commission if you purchase items through an affiliate link on our page.


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