Did you know Disney World First Aid provides over-the-counter medication and basic medical care free of charge? This can really come in handy if you or your child come down with any type of illness.

Our toddler recently became very overheated while enjoying a day the Magic Kingdom. The nursing staff at first aid took great care from start to finish to ensure that his temperature came down to a safe level and he was as comfortable as possible. They provided children’s Tylenol, a cool rag, and let us hang out in the A/C. After about an hour and a few stickers, he was in the clear and ready for more fun!

Beyond free Tylenol, contact solution, and antacid, Disney World First Aid will also provide medication refrigeration for those who need it. Long story short, if you’re having a minor medical issue or need medication, go to First Aid.


First Aid Locations

Magic Kingdom

Located between to the Crystal Palace Restaurant and Casey’s Corner

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom First Aid Location


Located between the Odyssey and Mexico Pavilion

Disney World Epcot First Aid

Hollywood Studios

Located just inside the front gate next to guest services

Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios First Aid

Animal Kingdom

Located next to Starbucks on Discovery Island

Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom First Aid

Typhoon Lagoon

Located next to Leaning Palms restaurant

Walt Disney World Typhoon Lagoon First Aid

Blizzard Beach

Located next to Lottawatta Lodge

Blizzard Beach First Aid Location

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