We’re back from new baby leave with a fresh list of do’s and don’ts for Disney Water Parks! Heading to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon is different than heading to the 4 main parks, but don’t be overwhelmed, it’s like any other day at the beach. To make things easier, check out our list of do’s and don’ts below. (If you’re traveling with an infant or toddler, don’t miss our list of 5 things you must bring!)


  • Bring an extra change of clothes. No one wants to ride home on a cold Disney bus in a wet bathing suit!
  • Bring your own towels. The towels you pay to rent at Disney Water Parks are about the same size as the towels from your resort pool. Save yourself some money and space in your suitcase and just grab some towels from your resort pool on the way to the water park. If you’re going to use this tip, please be courteous and return the towels to your resort pool or room!
  • Pick a meeting place and time. Although more cell phones are becoming water resistant or waterproof, it’s likely no one in your group will have a cell phone on them. So make sure to pick a time and place to meet up to check in with each other. 
  • Wear water shoes. Your feet will thank you! When going from attraction to attraction at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, your poor feet will burn on the hot pavement! Unlike flip flops, you can wear your water shoes on the slides and other attractions. You’ll also be happy you’re wearing your water shoes when it’s time for a trip to the bathroom. Bare feet and public restrooms DO NOT mix!
  • Put swim diapers on your little ones. Even if your child is potty trained, all the fun and excitement can be distracting!  Finding a bathroom at the water parks can take a little longer, add that to trying to get pull off a wet bathing suit and you have an accident waiting to happen. Skip the mess and use a swim diaper!
  • Check the refurbishment schedules. Often during non peak seasons they will refurbish Typhoon Lagoon and leave Blizzard Beach open or vice versa. Make sure you check the schedule before your trip to see which parks are open!
  • Arrive early. If you have a large group or a particular area you want to sit in, I reccomend getting there early to stake your claim over lounge chairs! Both Disney Water Parks also have private cabanas available for an extra charge.


  • Bring a stroller. Bringing a stroller into the water park is unnecessary in my opinion. Unless you have a young child who will be sleeping most of the day, leave the stroller back at your resort. They take up a lot of room, it will probably get sand in it, and you won’t really be walking around where you would need to bring it.  If you’re going to the water park with an infant who can’t sit on their own, I recommend the Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer. It’s light, folds flat, and is netted so they won’t overheat!
  • Forget your sunscreen. It’s not the end of the world if you do, but you will pay more money buying it at a water park than you would elsewhere.
  • Miss character meet and greets. Most people don’t realize that you can meet characters at the water parks. This leads to the lines being shorter than what you’ll find in the four main parks.
  • Leave your valuables unattended! Spend the money and rent a locker. A lost cell phone or camera is going to cost you a lot more than a locker rental!
  • Get beer from the bars. If you’re a beer drinker, don’t waste extra money having to tip a bartender. Go to one of the nearby drink stands where you don’t tip.
  • Use Disney life jackets. If you have young children I would recommend bringing your own swim vest. They’re usually a snugger fit and more comfortable than those provided by Disney.
  • Wear a two piece. Going down slides and getting thrown around in wave pools can cause tops or bottoms to quickly fall off! Save yourself the embarassment of showing a little too much and wear a one piece.

Have any additional do’s and don’ts we left off the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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